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Existing Structure 1
Two (2) story concrete building with a footprint of 100' x 300' facing
south bound street was originally designed to serve as a mechanical
shop for large commercial vehicles. Included is an elevator for
trucks. The original plan no longer exists hence required a full
building survey and a set of drawings for the built in conditions.
Two things were discovered: 1) a steel structure at the roof had
been erected along with two new elevator shafts but master plan
showing how it would expand doesn't exist, 2) the interiors were
redone with inadequate egress.
Existing Structure 2
To the north of the building along to the west bound street (private
street) and running thence 100' north and another 160' east, a high
one (1) story sound stage is abutted to the two (2) story existing
building. This second structure had 40’ ceilings and no windows or
openings other than a vehicular gate and egress door at the west.
The structure connects through a 44" door leading to the first floor
of the two (2) story structure. To the east of this sound stage is a
vacant portion of the lot with dimensions of 490' x 100'.

Proposed Addition 

A vertical enlargement of the existing two (2) story structure, adding three more floors and bringing it to a total of five (5) stories. At the east of the existing sound stage a new adjacent sound stage (stage b) running easterly 120' is proposed and bound to the south by the two (2) story existing building. At the east end of the new high one (1) story sound stage (stage b) a new three (3) story support building is proposed to serve as dressing room and office spaces for the adjacent sound stages. The building height will match the height of the west adjacent sound stage (stage b). This building has a footprint of 20’ x 100’ and utilizes a rear staircase tower which was originally part of the two (2) story existing building. Continuing eastbound adjacent to the new three (3) story structure a bound south by the rear lot line (neighboring lots), a new high one (1) story sound stage (stage c) running thence 150’ east is proposed. east of the new sound stage (stage c), a Six (6) story support building is proposed to serve as dressing rooms and office spaces for the adjacent stages. At the most eastern point of the lot, adjacent to the east of the new six (6) story structure, a new high one (1) story sound stage (stage d) running thence 150’ east is proposed.As shown in the architectural set, the proposed plans will illustrate the solutions to the egress deficiencies in the existing structure.

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 12.20.48
Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 12.22.16
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