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The proposed building is to be (6) stories in height, reaching almost 80’
measured from the curb. It will be used as a community facility
boat club and hotel (10 rooms). A “boat launch and dock” facility
is also proposed, upgrading the existing makeshift dock to a H/C
accessible bulkhead pier.

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1st Floor
It is used primarily for offices to the community facility but it also
includes the mechanical and utilities space: accessed from egress
core south, a 2h fire rated corridor leads to the mechanical and utility
rooms safely located 5’ above the flood base plane. The community
facility office area is located north from the utility rooms and and is
also accessible through the corridor. Where the floor ends at the
egress core north, a glass curtain wall next to the elevator allows
view of the “wet boat storage” or drying area within the ground floor
2nd Floor
Primarily used as boat shop area, a space for building and repairing
artisanal boats. The space is double the floor-to-ceiling height of the
rest of the floors except in the egress core south and the beginning
of the egress core north. The 1st floor a glass curtain wall allows
view of the “wet boat storage” or drying area but this curtain wall
contains an opening to allow the lifting and entry of the boats
coming from the wet boat storage space.


First Person for VR (Unreal Engine) Docks

First Person for VR (Unreal Engine) Docks

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3rd Floor
Originally conceived as a mezzanine level, this floor is accessible by
an open staircase within the “boat shop area” or by the egress core
north. It the last floor where the northern elevator stops. Proposed as
a multi-use space, stepping out to the roofed terrace, the space is
open to the north and east sides with views of the canal, the bridge
and the city skyline. This design incorporates the same distinct
triangular section railing that is used on the bridge towers (bridge
crossing the canal) for protective guard railing and the original
railings can be seen from the terrace.
4th Floor
This is the first of two hotel floors. The floor can be accessed
through egress core south by an elevator or stairs. Room One is
located in the corner of the south and east street wall—it has floorto-
ceiling glass curtain walls along the street wall perimeter. On the
north of the egress core south, a long corridor allows access to the
refuse room (enclosed shaft to the “compactor room” at 1st floor),
access to the three (3) east facing rooms, and finally ends at the
egress core north. H/C accessibility is located at the south core
in addition to an enclosed staircase serving as secondary means
of egress in case of emergency. The largest room is located in the
most northern section of the floor. The simicircular floor layout with
floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall allows view of the bridge, the canal,
and the city skyline.
5th Floor
Same as 4th floor


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